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Welcome To! is an image hosting website where users can upload and view images around the world. It's purpose is to serve the world through art and images. Please always use it for the greater good. Please check the terms and conditions and privacy policy. You have to accept the policies under them to be able to accept those agreements.

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How To Use

There are at least seven ways to use
  1. To upload image(s) (only JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are allowed)
  2. To be able to upload image(s), go to Upload and follow the instructions there, which is basically:

    a. Select an image to upload by clicking "Choose File" (the file limit is 3MB; note that 3MB in bytes here is 3145728)

    b. After choosing an image you want to upload, enter a title that would briefly describe your image (with a maximum of 124 characters)

    c. After doing all of the above, click "Upload Image"

    d. Keep the URL where the image resides, in case you want to use it for later use (for example, if you want to use it as the URL you use on myspace to change your background) (to access the image you just uploaded right away, click on the image beside the "Upload Image" button and/or the URL itself). As you can see, the URL that gives you is much more readable than other image hosting companies'. Check out this wikipedia article to gain more info about the common URLs that image hosting websites, which doesn't require registration, give, which are non-human-readable and non-friendly; particularly on the Comparison of photo-sharing websites part on the bottom of the wikipedia article page.

    e. Repeat the process to upload more image(s) and the like.

  3. To view image(s)
  4. To be able to view image(s), go to View Images

    a. Enter what you are searching for on the text box

    b. Click "Search."

    VERY IMPORTANT: to access the entirety of the image(s), click on them like how you would click any link. You can save images that can be viewed on To know how to save any image that you like on, google around for it and/or consult your browser how.

  5. To be able to use the image(s) through the URL gave you
  6. a. Simply enter the URL on your browser's address bar and the like (another way to use it is to use it as a background image for your myspace profile page).

  7. To bookmark
  8. a. Ask your browser on how to bookmark any page and apply that on

  9. To access your searches without bookmark
  10. a. Enter what you are searching for on the text box

    b. Click "Search"

    c. Copy the URL on the address bar

    d. Access your searches without using any bookmark by using the said URL on the address bar of your chosen browser

  11. To share your searches without any bookmark
  12. a. Enter what you are searching for on the text box

    b. Click "Search"

    c. Copy the URL on the address bar

    d. Share your searches without any bookmark by sharing the said URL. People to whom you want to share your searches with can access your searches by using the said URL on the address bar of their chosen browsers

  13. Mixed
  14. a. Mix the six above.

      Again, this is the minimum number of ways you can use There are infinite ways on how you can use like you can share any link from on facebook and the like (Google+ and the like) too if you want.

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